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Henderson Beach Resort - Architecture

The architecture of Henderson Beach Resort is in the style of Florida Mediterranean Revival.
Florida Mediterranean Revival is an eclectic design style that was first introduced in the
United States around the turn of the century, and came into prominence in the 1920s and

The style evolved from "rekindled interest in Italian Renaissance palaces" and
seaside villas dating from the sixteenth century, and can be found predominantly in Florida
due to the popular association of these coastal regions with Mediterranean resorts.
Architects Addison Mizner and August Geiger did much to popularize this style in Florida
which is generally characterized by stuccoed wall surfaces, flat or low-pitched terracotta
and tile roofs, arches, scrolled or tile-capped parapet walls and articulated door surrounds.

The fundamental charm of this style is found in its intimate relationship to its surroundings,
romantic play between light and shadow, and dynamic massing of the architecture around
courtyards and lush gardens.