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How to Invest

The two primary things to know about investing in this process revolve around the initial deposit and the complete investment. Please consider the following:

The Initial Deposit

A prospective investor is required to give an application fee to reserve a position.  The deposit is fully refundable after 45 days, which is the time frame that allows for due diligence. An Offering Memorandum, Limited Partnership Agreement and Business Plan will then be provided to the investor, upon receipt of the initial deposit for respective project they are choosing to invest into. Additionally an Investor Questionnaire will be provided and needs to be completed in its entirety for submission and review to USCIS.  If the investor chooses to terminate the agreement within the 45 day review period, then the initial deposit is FULLY refundable. 
Complete the Investment

To complete your EB-5 investment application, the remaining deposit must be paid (this brings the total amount of money you have paid up to this point to be USD$50,000 within the 45 day review period.  The remaining balance of the required investment, plus the additional and separate Administration Fee* is to be paid within 60 days thereafter.  At this time the funds are then invested into the investment project to stimulate the local economy as planned and the invested funds will also begin to earn bank interest until expended into the project.  (*the full amount of the Regional Center administrative fee will vary depending on the Regional Center subscription agreement.)

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