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The Process (Step by Step)

Getting involved can take time; however, it's a standardized process that is well documented. It starts with contacting us and checking with the USCIS web site for the latest information and updates.

1.      Contact us +1 (850) 269-8479 or Click here  for a consultation and allow our advisors to review and discuss the necessary details on applying for the EB-5 Visa. Or go direct to Creating An Account so you can access detailed information regarding the EB-5 investments.

2.      Discuss the commitment of funds and research the required documentation needed to prove the money is from a lawful source and belongs to the investor as well as confirming the capital investment is in fact financially viable.

3.      Upon completion and clearance of capital, officially make the capital investment into an approved Regional Center project.

4.      File the application with the USCIS. The application to petition citizenship requires that the USCIS certify the eligibility of the applicant and the funds for investment for EB-5 status.

5.      Upon approval of the application, if the investor is in the United States they may apply for an Adjustment of Status to the Conditional Permanent Resident status. If the investor is overseas, they must wait for notification from the National Visa Center to prepare documents for the Immigrant Visa Interview at the US Consulate or Embassy in the country they reside. It should be noted that the purpose of the Adjustment of Status or the Immigrant Visa Interview is to ensure the investor is not subject to grounds of exclusion.

6.      Upon being granted the Conditional Permanent Resident status, the wait period is 21 months to reconfirm that 100% of the investment has been made and as a result the 10 required jobs have been created (if required, based on the type of investment made).

7.      Once the wait period of 21 months has ended and before month 24, the application to remove Conditional Permanent Resident status (Form I-829) will be filed.

8.      A full Lawful Permanent Resident status or "Green Card" will be granted for indefinite resident status and work permission in the United States once Conditional Permanent Resident status is removed.  US Citizenship will be possible 5 years after the Conditional Green Card is issued and once satisfactory residence and additional criteria have been met.

Are you ready? Click here to contact us or go direct to Creating An Account so that you can access to detailed information regarding the EB-5 investments..