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What are the benefits?

What are the benefits?

Some of the benefits of investing into an approved Regional Center in a Targeted Employment Area (also known as a TEA):
·         USD$500,000 Investment
·         No need to buy or manage a business
·         Live and work ANYWHERE in the United States
·         Invest in a stable business environment for the long term.

The United States is a country of strong and trusted institutions, where daily business activities are guided and governed by strict laws and regulations.

·         The sponsors of our investment opportunities are well-known, reputable and successful community leaders.
·         The businesses are in well-established sectors of the US economy with proven financial results.
·         Investment provides diversity in current business endeavors.
·         Business operations and management of your investments are handled by experienced professionals.
·         Your investment will be returned to you if your initial application is not approved

See the USCIS website for the latest and accurate information.