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EB Top 5 FAQ

  • 6/16/2010 - Will I become a resident?
    Who receives the permanent residency with an EB-5? After the first 21 months of having the condtional green card, the investor and their respective... read more
  • 6/16/2010 - Why Choose EB-5?
    Why choose EB5?Citizenship and Jobs. The EB-5 Investor Visa program presents outstanding opportunities for many overseas investors to become permanent... read more
  • 6/16/2010 - How Long Does it Take?
    TimingThe entire application process may take nine to fifteen months to be fully complete.  The USCIS is currently taking about two months to... read more
  • 6/16/2010 - What are the benefits?
    What are the benefits?Some of the benefits of investing into an approved Regional Center in a Targeted Employment Area (also known as a TEA):... read more
  • 6/16/2010 - What about my family?
    What about family?The parameters under which family members of the investor can qualify for the Conditional Permanent Residence or as a Lawful... read more